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Productions by Parker, Inc. is the ultimate team player. Being CLIENT FOCUSED makes us a perfect addition to any project. We pride ourselves in our ability to assume the supportive role to achieve the goals of the client. We enjoy taking on the technically challenging and subtly essential elements of your project to help bring it to a level of success not before realized.

Event Support

Sometimes you don’t need a production company, but you need some advice or support. Let Productions by Parker, Inc. be a resource for your event production needs. With our vast repertoire of expertise, our event consultation service can step into those essential areas you need to complete your event team. We are the go-to solution for many established production firms when they need assistance with Governmental Relations, Permitting Guidance, Alcohol Sales Oversight, CAD Event Survey/Design, Technical Design/Direction, Schedule Optimization, Security & Traffic Planning, and Site Management.

Ready to discuss logistics? Contact Production by Parker, Inc. for a FREE consultation.

Non-Profit Management

Non-profit organizations are essential change-makers and support networks in our communities. They fill the gaps where government and society cannot always reach.  Productions by Parker, Inc. has executive level experience on the things that make non-profits succeed; Board Development, Budget Management, Fundraising, Project Building (In-house & Outsourced), Government and Community Relations to name a few. Whether you need some assistance with a Board Retreat, Facilitated Project Forum, Community Outreach Plan or Developing Staff Goals and Responsibilities, we can help.

Ready to explore how you can take your organization to the next level or that long languishing project to completion? Contact Productions by Parker, Inc. for a FREE consultation.

Public Space Management & Activation

The activation of public spaces is not a new idea, but the ideas on how to do it are changing to include many exciting and simple ways to bring people back to urban and neglected areas. Productions by Parker, Inc. played a essential role in the development of Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. From Skid Row to Entertainment District, the Historic Gaslamp Quarter is now considered an international destination welcoming over eight million people annually. We were there, from the management of the trend setting San Diego Street Scene Food & Music Festival throughout the 90’s, creating and producing the groundbreaking SuperFest ’98 that changed how media and corporate partners activate during Super Bowl week, to the direct leadership of multiple district improvements, parking enhancements and marketing programs. Building community and governmental partnerships that placed the Gaslamp Quarter as the model of adaptive reuse of historic structures while establishing the standard by which all sports and entertainment district are judged.

Ready to discuss how your public spaces can actually bring customers and/or how to manage them and their impacts when they arrive? Contact Productions by Parker, Inc. for a FREE consultation.

“Jimmy, Your insight regarding San Diego’s downtown infill development provided us with a great perspective as to how you are approaching the growth and management of San Diego’s tourism and entertainment economy. The information you provided will be helpful as we continue development of our downtown convention and entertainment district.”

– Matthew R. Mahood, President & CEO of San Jose – Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

“You are a miracle worker! Not only can you read my scribblings, you always know how to make it work regardless of the challenges I am having.”

– Laurel McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Promotions

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