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Consulting FAQ’s

When you engage with PbP Consulting services, you will get decades of experience for your project, not your payroll. The scope of your need will define the level of our involvement, so let’s get together and discuss how we can support your success.

Do you need to have space in our offices?

No. We are experienced in working remotely, on the road, and yes, even in an office setting. Whatever will provide you with the highest level of support and efficiency is how we will provide the service you require.

What is your rate?

We look at each project as a custom application. That is why we believe in meeting with you to discuss your needs before we assess the level of commitment needed. After our discussion, we will provide you a quote that not only takes into consideration the level and type of support requested, we will be looking to recommend efficiencies that can reduce our project time so we can respect your budget as well.

What if we need full-time help for our project?

You are probably correct and you may need to add a staff member to meet your needs. We can help you with that as well; either as a temporary solution while you go through your hiring process, or even help you establish your process, including job criteria, candidate evaluation, and administrative guidance. Once we get the opportunity to understand your needs and expectations, we will be able to show you how we can help you address your challenge.

What's your level of experience?

Productions by Parker, Inc. has decades of experience with large scale high end events, non-profit management, public space activation and community/government relations. We have been recruiting and training staff members, building and running non-profit organizations, creating, executing and managing a wide variety of projects, in multiple roles and diverse enviroments. We would enjoy the opportunity to sit down and discuss how our experience can be your success.

Will you work at any venue?

The short answer is, Yes. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creative skill regardless of the venue.

Do you travel?

We love our home town, San Diego, CA. That doesn’t mean we won’t love your hometown as well. We especially enjoy making new friends and building lasting experiences in previously unfamiliar communities. Our decades of experience has taught us that every project gives us the opportunity to grow, learn and be part of something special, regardless of the location.

Though we will have some base level requirements, we will work with you on the travel logistics and accommodations needed to successfully support your project.

Do you work with an exclusive list of suppliers?

No. We prefer to work with the suppliers that are correct for the project. We do, like many successful support companies, have established relationships with many terrific suppliers, that could be of assistance if they fit the needs of the project. Regardless of who we recommend for your project, we prefer that all suppliers contract directly with our clients. This is done to give you the final approval and serves to protect you from unexpected mark-ups and hidden charges.

Do you do work on Spec?

It is not our practice to do work on Spec. That being said, if it is the “right” project that we can establish a special level of partnership, we would entertain the conversation.