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Special Events FAQ’s


We have found that it is essential that we always start with getting to know you, hear your ideas and concepts, and to confirm our “event” chemistry.  We understand that an incredible amount of trust is needed to ensure the perfect execution of your event. We get much more value with these initial consultations that we don’t see the need to charge you when we are building the foundation of that trust.

Do you work just in San Diego?

No. What we do doesn’t require a specific address. Just the knowledge of how to build strong relationships and leverage local assets to the advantage of our client. We have been just that for decades.

What is your rate?

Our rates are determined by the complexity and extent of your event. We would love to discuss your vision first and understand you budget considerations before we provide you with a proposal outlining the scope and related compensation for our services.

Are you available on our date?

Please contact us as our schedule fluctuates

What's your level of experience?

Productions by Parker, Inc. has over three decades of experience with large scale high end events, festivals and traditional to alternative weddings. We have been part of two Olympics, three Super Bowls, both the Democratic and Republican Conventions, music videos, television shows, incentive programs, countless festivals, parades, block parties, promotional tours, corporate presentations, trade shows…etc.

Will you work at any venue?

Yes. Are venue experience includes streets to stadiums, beach and ballrooms, parks and pools, halls and homes. We enjoy the challenge to create your event in any location you choose to hold it.

Do you travel?

Yes, we are willing to travel globally.

Do you work with exclusive list of vendors?

No. Though we do have an extensive list of terrific suppliers we can call on to help make your event a success, we are happy to work with any and all suppliers you recommend/request. It is our preference to have all suppliers contract directly to you. We feel  this is important to establish the supplier relationship with you as the final word on the project and to establish a billing process without mark-ups and hidden charges.

Do you create timelines for you events?

Yes, absolutely we do. Each timeline will continue to evolve weekly,  daily and hourly. Thus giving our team and your event the organized flexibility for flawless execution of your event