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Productions by Parker, Inc. Wedding FAQ’s

Consultations are free

It is essential that we always start with getting to know you- to hear ideas and concepts, and to confirm chemistry.  An incredible amount of trust is needed to ensure the perfect execution of your event. Consultations are the foundation of that trust.

Do you work just in San Diego?

No, what we do doesn’t require a specific address because we work within communities of each event location.

What is your rate?

Our rates are determined by the complexity and extent of your event. We would love to discuss your vision first then determine the logistics of creation.

Are you available on our date?

Please contact us as our schedule fluctuates

What's your level of experience?

Productions by Parker has over 20 years of experience with large scale high end events, festivals and traditional to alternative weddings

Will you work at any venue?

Yes, we will work with whatever venue you have booked

Do you travel?

Yes, we are willing to travel globally

Do you work with exclusive list of vendors?

No, happy to work with any and all vendors. However, we can recommend vendors if needed

Do you create timelines for you events?

Yes, absolutely we do. Each timeline will continue to evolve weekly,  daily and hourly. Thus giving our team and your event the organized flexibility for flawless execution of your event