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Bridal Assistance

This is YOUR day. Let Productions by Parker, Inc. staff attend to you, so that you can be 100% present during each moment of you wedding. Our Bridal Assistance service will be focused on your needs. We will function as your Personal Handmaiden. We specialize in the little things, like wardrobe detailing, that will make the difference in your photos, videos and cherished memories.

We are also your emergency support team; we have sewed bridesmaids back into their dresses, we always have tissues on hand, we make sure that your flower girl and ring bearer feel comfortable and a part of the day. We come with our “show-box” that contains everything from the correct color thread for your bridal party to floral tools to boutonniere pins to waterproof mascara to button hooks. We take special pride at PbP, Inc. that we have never not had all of proper tools and supplies to attend to our brides, bridal parties and families.

Contact us to discover how we can be your personal assistant for the most special day of your life.